High Roller casinos Guide: High Roller Casinos VIP Programs, Comp Points


Joining VIP ProgramsThere are a lot of high roller casinos available on the web making it hard for players to decide which casino would suit their gaming style. Casino gaming has become one of the most lucrative business in the world with lots of investors pouring funds into it. There are a lot of players that fancy the thought of enjoying special privileges from the gaming platform of their choice

making it very important for a casino to create a reliable gaming platform that would be able to accumulate them. Finding a reliable gaming platform to help pilot your gaming experience as a high roller is not an easy job. Unlike searching for a regular platform, there are few other options that you would have to put into consideration if you want to grab the desired win.

Our job at Highrollercasino.com is to ensure that you are offered a gaming platform that provides lots of exciting features that would keep you gaming all day. Read along to see if any of the casinos listed would suit your gaming style.

High Roller Casinos

A lot of new online gamblers would be wondering what it means to be a high roller at a casino. High rollers can be regarded as players who have been able to spend funds that would automatically provide them with the opportunity of joining the VIP group provided. To get to enjoy the privileges offered to high rollers as a new player, you would have to make a huge number of deposits as soon as you register with the platform. Most gaming platforms set the minimum high roller requirement on $10000. High rollers are offered numerous exciting features, some of the special privileges enjoyed as a high roller include Comp points that can be converted to real cash at a letter time are offered

Lesser restrictions The maximum washout limit is increased

Special support team to help pilot a reliable gaming experience. The packages offered to hinge rollers depends on the casino you are gaming with and how high you rank on the food chain. Most of the casinos listed out offer a remarkable VIP group so you can rest assured that our top pick would provide you with a gaming experience like no other.

Climbing up the Food Chain

To get to the top of the food chain, you would have to make a lot of huge deposits. It’s certain that most casinos would offer you a VIP privilege as soon as you get to the set benchmark but also keep in mind that a few casinos would require authentic verification before you would be allowed to game as a high roller in the platform.

Players are also vetted based on their commitment to the gaming platform. If you frequent the casino on a steady, you will not only be rated as a high roller but also as a loyal member providing you with the opportunity of grabbing loyalty points on a regular basis. If you are lucky enough to get to the top of the food chain, you can expect a gaming platform that would provide you with the amenities to pilot more wins than loses.

A lot of gamblers feel the VIP program offered is too expensive and is not worth the hassle attached but our team of professionals have made us understand otherwise. Becoming a high roller has a lot of advantages. One of the most favoured advantages of climbing up the food chain in casinos that offer VIP programs is the free holiday trip that you can enjoy depending on how far up the food chain you have climbed.


How to Gamble as a Big Roller with the Top VIP Programs

One of the ways that you could use to demonstrate your gambling prowess is to join VIPS programs. As a member of this high end igaming group, you get a chance to roll with other online casino gurus that compete and get rewarded in the process for their loyalty. As a high roller, you are entitled to a whole of benefits that you would never dream of as a regular gambler.

What exactly are VIP Programs?

You have most definitely come across VIP Programs in probably all the casinos you have visited. The question is what are they? In their simplest terms, VIP programs are loyalty schemes that seek to reward their frequent customers. As you spend more, the casino awards you with more bonuses, free bets, and spins amongst others. To increase your chances of being rewarded, you have to be a big spender.

Joining VIP Programs

One of the ways you will spot out VIPs in the online casinos is through their spending habits. That is, they make huge deposits and their wins are equally high figures. As per how much you spend in the VIP programs, depends on the specific gambling site as each has its own standards that must be met by anyone willing to enrol in their loyalty schemes. In most cases, the general rule of the

thumb in such casinos is that you must deposit at least a sum of $10,000. Besides this deposit, the VIP member should also be in position to wage on a regular basis so that you can stockpile more comp points. The secret in frequent bets is that they skyrocket your compo points regardless of whether you are losing or winning. Truth is, the

huge deposits required by VIP programs might appear to be high. However, the good news is, the moment you set foot in this league of casino legends, you gain unlimited access to special benefits and perks. For instance, using the same points you accumulated at one casino, you can also enrol in the VIP programs at other casinos. This is because majority of the casinos have a tiered system especially for the high rollers such that the more you deposit and play, the higher and better your perks become.

Why should you care to become a big roller?

If you are an ardent gambler and you are not enrolled in a VIP program, then you are missing out on a lot of insanely amazing benefits. Here are some of the benefits that should help you make up your mind on joining this programs:

Banking: VIP members have more payment options at their disposal as compared to regular gamblers. Additionally, your pay-out times are accelerated which means that you can access your funds very fast.

Personalized customer support: Being a VIP member is like having a personal assistant that is at your beck and call all the time. You have express access to customer support and your issues are given priority. Your average wait time is generally very low as compared to other players.

Bonuses: You will love the bonus perks that come with VIP programs. The unfortunate thing is that most players never get to realize the full potential of such bonuses. If you are spending your money on any online casino, you have every reason to enjoy these perks. The mechanism behind them is that every time you make deposits, you get points that can later be redeemed either for either casino cash or real money.

Rewards: If you are a big casino games player, you should constantly be on the lookout for these awards. The rewards are mainly in the form of cashbacks. These cashbacks will be big although how big they are depends on the offers that each site has as well as the spending habits of their customers.

Gifts: These are also very common in most online casinos. The gifts are usually customized according to the needs and gaming style of each high roller. The frequency with which these are offered varies. There are those announced on a daily, weekly or monthly bases. However, you need to check out these rewards every now and then so that you don’t miss out on them when they are announced by the provider.

Final Verdict

Are VIP programs worth your time and resources? Definitely yes. They are give you an awesome way of taking advantage of the exceptional offers and special treatments that top spenders get on most gambling sites. They are a unique way for you to acquire and maintain a high roller status that sets you apart from any other player in the industry. If you looking to maintain a coveted top level membership, these loyalty schemes are your direct ticket.