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High rollers are the VIP players of casinos. They are the top-tier whales who spend thousands of dollars in each session of gambling. Casinos pay extra tribute to the high rollers because of the money and time these players put on gambling.

Several live casinos run their business dedicated solely to these high roller players, but there are no online based casinos which are dedicated to high stake games only since most players who play online are the people who spend money moderately. However, you could still find dedicated exclusive games specifically designed for high stake rollers at online casinos.

Live walk-in casinos hold numerous kinds of VIP programs to entertain their VIP players. Online casinos don’t have as many options as live casinos but they still offer a great amount of prizes. Choosing a traditional brick and mortar casino to play is much easier than choosing an online based casino because of all the scams are going on. Even if you fall in a trap and lose your money, tracking the owner of that website will be almost impossible for you. This is exactly why it is so crucial to choose an online casino wisely.

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While choosing an online casino, there are several factors that you should take into account. We’ll talk about all these factors in details so that choosing an online casino that’s best suited to your needs will be an easy task and make your online gambling experience an amazing and entertaining one.

There are many perks that come with being a high roller. For instance, you’ll be introduced to all the offers you can avail while gambling online as a high roller. You’ll also be provided with customized suggestions regarding the best banking options to make your transactions safe and keep you active.

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Who is a High Roller?

When you bet on high stakes, your rewards will also be high. But since it’s gambling, there are possibilities to lose that entire stake too. Since you are betting on high stakes, the amount of money you lose will also be higher. The more money people spend at gambling, the more the casinos earn.

Gamblers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in each session. But there are players who wager higher stakes than usual players, and these players are identified as high rollers. Gambling industries also describe these high rollers as “Whales”. Casinos always provide special care for these “Whales” such as providing a personal host, free drinks and accommodations, massive cash prizes etc.

The high roller is also known as the VIP Player or Whale, which suggests that the individual is truly an enormous and observable player in the club attributable to immense entireties spent on betting. VIP players are typically individuals that bet actually every now and then and go out on a limb while putting down their wagers on various openings, roulette or some other amusements. Since this sort of players leave a lot of cash in the club, they are advantaged to taste a wider range of rewards and extraordinary honors that should be equivalent to the cash they spend on betting.

In this way, clubs endeavour to empower an ever increasing number of speculators to play hard so as to acquire a VIP status and continually upgrade it to get larger betting advantages.

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High Roller in Las Vegas

How to be a High Roller?

To become a high roller at a casino, a player has to gamble on an amount of money that is widely noticeable. Frequency is also an important factor here. If you spent several thousands of dollars in one night and never went back in a month, the casino will not get you your desired VIP status. Your expense has to be a lot and frequent.

To become an online high roller, you need to consistently play exclusive high stake games. There are several prestigious programs that are offered for high rollers only. If you make a serious amount of deposit or spend money like insane, the casino will notice you and would want you to continue playing with them. To keep you active, they will offer their available high roller bonus rewards to you so that you keep spending money on their casino.

There's nothing simpler than turning into a whale if you have a ton of cash and time to spend on betting. The initial step is to locate a decent online casino that offers a strong high stakes gambling club reward. When you have looked at the casino from each angle, and are content with them, it's an ideal opportunity to join. Some online clubs, in any case, enables you to pick the high stakes gambling club reward only after you have joined with them.

Regardless, high roller club rewards can be an incredible method to begin your high stakes gambling club battle. Take a good look at the terms and conditions and research about the casino thoroughly at first to avoid falling into any traps.

Turning into a whale is anything but a long-lasting system if you bet routinely and your stores and wagers are actually high. If continued at the same rate, it won’t take long for the gambling club to see your expenses and offer you a VIP program. So as to get your VIP status, you have to gather loyalty points that you're given for putting down wagers and playing hotshot openings and different sorts of recreations. As you become a perceived whale, you'll get a personal host and updated club account with various selective extra choices and different sorts of exclusive advantages.

A lot of online casinos offer games with live dealers who will get you the best online gambling experience. Online casinos also offer game tables that are reserved for high stake players only. Since you’re paying the money a dozen usual gamblers would pay, the casino will treat you as royalty which you deserve.

BoVegas Casino Vip

What is a High Roller Casino?

High Roller casinos are dedicated casinos that are for high roller players only. They are equipped with special programs, rewards and offers for VIP players. Only live casinos could be found with such design. Since online based casinos entertain all kind of players including the ones who spend little amounts of money, they don’t design their entire website for high stake players. Instead, several of them offer exclusively dedicated programs for high stake games. These special programs only entertain VIP players and are equipped with all the available bonus rewards and loyalty points.

How to choose a High Roller Casino?

Before choosing a High Roller casino, you need to keep in mind that choosing a safe and reputed online casino is more difficult than finding a suitable live casino although it’s easier to be a high roller at online casinos than at live casinos. High rollers play for a ton of cash and they need to be certain that their cash is sheltered in an online casino that is safe and highly reputed. You need to see whether a couple of important factors are present at the casino or not.

Casinos need to have valid licenses in order to run their business. Since you will be wagering a large amount of cash, you need to be sure that place you’re putting your money in is legal. The casino must have a valid license and it should be issued by the valid authority.

Not everyone can issue a license for a casino, some of the authorities that can issue a license are- Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission etc. Some of the reputed online casinos that hold valid licenses are – 888 Casino, Fair Go Casino, Ruby Fortune.

High roller online casinos have numerous dedicated VIP programs. You need to see if the programs are lucrative enough for you or not. Banking options are also a crucial factor for an online casino. Their transaction process should be fast and easy, and the withdrawal limit should be enough for you. Overall, you should always go for the one which is popular and highly recommended by experienced high roller players.

High Roller casino

Advantages of being a High Roller

When you join an online casino, you need to check for the high roller advantages if you plan on investing so much of your energy and money into them. When you are a high roller, you are qualified for advantages and rewards that the ordinary players just won't approach when they play at an online gambling club.

You should analyze these advantages when you are endeavouring to locate the best online gambling club for you to play at so you realize you are getting the most you can. When you are a hotshot gambler, you need to ensure you pick an online gambling club that is going to offer you the best rewards and unique offers you merit.

Every club will offer their very own sorts of advantages and it will be dependent upon you to choose. You have to decide which of the gambling clubs offer you the advantages that will turn out to be the most profitable for you. A few gambling clubs make it significantly simpler for you to clear those rewards and this is something you need to confirm before you settle on which gambling club offers you what you are searching for.

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888 VIP Welcome Reward

A standout amongst the most prominent kinds of rewards you can get as a high roller who is new to an online gambling club is the VIP Welcome Reward. Generally, a welcome bundle enables you to get a coordinate reward that breaks even with a specific level of your first deposit. This is the primary reward that you will most likely follow when you choose to join a gambling club.

A welcome bundle may extend from the main deposit you make initially in a predetermined gambling club, to starting three to five deposits. This way, the welcome reward is amazingly satisfying for those whose first deposits are actually high.

To be qualified for the high roller welcome rewards, your deposit it should meet the base necessity which will be a genuinely extensive estimated amount that will set you at VIP status. The extraordinary fact about these rewards is that they will be very expansive, meaning, once you clear them, they can merit a great deal of additional cash.

Alongside welcome rewards, you may also need to find out about different rewards the club offers, such as reload rewards for instance. As a high roller, the reload rewards can likewise merit a great deal of cash. You may discover numerous different sorts of rewards offered to VIP players.

Additionally, a lot of online casinos offer their high rollers extraordinary Cash back offers. It is a measure of cash that you are given back on cash you have effectively spent on the games. While a significant number of rewards require the players to meet certain prerequisites so as to clear them. The cashback offers are tricky matters and depend largely on the wagers of the gambler.

The sum you get back is commonly founded on a level of the cash that you have lost. As a high roller, you might almost certainly appreciate a decent measure of your money returned to you as “cashback”. In some cases, you can get back as much as 15% of what you lost over a specific timeframe.

Almost every online casinos offer Loyalty Programs since it's centred around keeping its players steadfast by proposing truly lucrative offers to them to ensure they are truly happy with the manner in which they are treated in the casino. With loyalty programs, you can get in various online casinos are normally selective rewards that incorporate customized birthday presents, solicitations to elite exclusive occasions, flight vouchers, enormous money prizes, and other amazing offers.

myb casino

Typically, your personal host will inform you about the presently accessible loyalty rewards for you and send you a unique reward code that enables you to claim the reward. Loyalty rewards are the best offers that online casinos can offer to their players to guarantee that people who put a great deal in betting remain happy with their preferred betting site. In this way, you're urged by casinos to wager big sums of cash with each deposit.

As you become a VIP gambling club part, you'll be given a genuinely regal treatment. Above all else, you'll get a Personal Host, an assistant who will help you through any issues concerning your betting exercises in a specific online club. With a personal host, you won't have to hold up in a line to contact support in the live talk. Your personal host will resolve the matter on your behalf.

Besides, you'll get various advantages that aren't accessible to conventional players. For example, you'll be permitted to make deposits and withdrawals of any amount outside fixed limits. Also, dissimilar to different card sharks that can pull back their rewards just a specific number of times, you as a VIP member get boundless access to every one of the assets accessible on your gambling club account.

High roller giants can be allowed a chance to get a credit so they may continue betting to make up for your misfortune. This is a really remarkable chance which is given by the casinos just to keep the VIP players or high rollers in their community.

When you acquire high roller status at an online casino, you can anticipate celebrity lane treatment. The high rollers are tremendously regarded and treated exceptionally at the gambling clubs. While it's important to take note that the club will, in general, do their best to suit the needs of every one of their players and treat them well, the high rollers can still enjoy additional benefits due to all the additional money they put in. High rollers are regularly given quicker financial procedure times and numerous exceptional offers. As a high roller, you need to search for an online casino that is known for treating high rollers with the respect they deserve.

online casinos offer Loyalty Programs

How to stay safe while gambling online?

Casinos have been a prime target for hackers and spammers since the beginning of online betting. Hackers will pursue the cash as online casinos are golden mines waiting to be tapped into. Traditional walk-in casinos have guarded themselves with state-of-the-art security systems, employing groups of security officers in and around the club floors to confine the danger of a break in. But what about virtual break-ins?

As casinos expand their businesses on the web, the danger from hackers remains steady, if not increased. So rather than chip exchanging tricks, shrouded earpieces and savage power heists, we see DDoS assaults, diversion hacks and extortions including client accounts.

Cybersecurity is an enormous issue for gambling club administrators, if not a higher priority than security at live casinos. With a more consolidated target and a million different ways to conceivably enter digitized frameworks, online casinos are trying to be more proactive than ever to protect themselves and their members from a virtual break-in.

Hacking is an imminent threat to the online casinos and so, administrators are taking big measurements to keep themselves protected against these digital assaults and hackers’ access through the secondary passage.

If a casino is defenceless, it is conceivably uncovering the sensitive information of its clients to the fraudsters who can then utilize this information for their personal benefits, thus, causing serious harm to the casino and its clients. In this way, there is a huge risk with financial data falling in the wrong hands.

To avoid this, an online casino must always remain alert and take the necessary steps accordingly. In addition to the casino’s obligation to do their best to ensure their clients’ security, players also need to realize that they are always under a financial risk while wagering money online. Therefore, they should remain careful as well.

Security is likely the most critical basis for online casinos. Since you work with genuinely huge sums of cash, you must ensure that all your own information and banking subtleties are completely sheltered on your preferred betting site. A good way to ensure that you are playing at a secured casino is to check out the casino's detailed information beforehand. You must play at a licensed casino if you want to avoid legal charges against you.

Casinos that are higher rated, usually have gambling licenses from reputed gambling commissions. They also have extraordinary cybersecurity encryption authentications that indicate that it is safe to bet on the site.

You need to check all the high rolling casinos and make sure that the pages have SSL encryption technology enabled. The incorporation of this technology will keep your information protected so that they can’t be decoded and utilized by the casino or any third-party authorities. Many online casinos also have a firewall, Norton Secured, McAfee etc.

protections on their websites. This process further strengthens the security and keeps your gadget from all conceivable infections meandering on the web.

Banking Options

Banking OptionsBanking options for the high rollers are not generally different than that of the usual players. The cashout time, for instance, is a lot quicker for VIP members. Depending on the average speed of the casino, the payouts are often so fast that it becomes instant.

It implies that you can get your cash back on the same day as you choose to withdraw from your casino account. While a handful of online casinos offer this feature for all their users, in most cases this exceptional offer is available for the high roller VIP players only.

You can also receive additional benefits if you bet in high roller gambling clubs with Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and a few other top payment methods, which are universally viewed as the most secure instalment strategies in the online gambling business.

To get your hands on this extra topping, you need to check out with a high roller casino whether they have these financial options available or not.

Another great alternative for the gambling giants is to play at the Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin is currently the most famous and exorbitant cryptographic money on the planet. As a result, it is an incredible shot for the high rollers to test their luck in the Bitcoin casinos.

Additionally, in many casinos, only VIP players can deposit money in a large amount in their casino account which allows them to bet on high stakes. This is perfect for the high rollers who like to play it big by betting with a generous budget.

In most casinos, the withdrawal limit is impressively higher for the high roller players. At times, there are no withdrawal constraints at all! Depending on your game plan, you can choose a casino that already has an unlimited withdrawal offer going on or go for one with your preferred high withdrawal limit. You can also contact the casino and set your own limit if the site keeps their options open.

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Online High Roller Games

Online High Roller GamesThe most run of the mill recreations for the high rollers are different variations of roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack on the web, and other table games that permit putting down high wagers, which is a top need for high rollers.

Many also go for progressive slots or 3D slots where they can place bigger bets. Likewise, there's additionally a shot for the experts to play dynamic big stakes and partake in various competitions, particularly held at VIP tables.

High roller games are designed especially for the VIP players to let them wager without any limit. These are some of the best online high roller game providers: Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft, IGT, Dragonfish, Novomatic, TopGame etc. These developers truly think about the quality of the games and create them in such a way that you appreciate its definitive performance while betting with high wagers.

While playing, keep on mind that VIP opening stakes can be of a genuinely wide range, which implies that one turn can cost you anywhere between $20 to $5000. Simply envision the amount you can get if you win from these high stakes! For classic table casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and so forth, the stakes can differ from $1000 to $200,000.

Speaking of Roulette, you should know that there is an exceptional strategy of wagering in this game. Instead of double ups, you have to build the wager each and every time you play. In such a way, if your first wager is $100, the following one should be $300, etc. up to $11000. Playing along these lines of wagering enables you to get back all the cash you've spent on wagering and even get some benefit if you equal the initial investment.

The most prominent roulette game for VIP players is the Lightning Roulette. The most fundamental contrast between Lightning Roulette and some other roulette games is that in Lightning Roulette, there are different fancy odds and ends that make the way towards wagering and make the session significantly more intriguing. Since Lightning Roulette was initially created by a popular live programming supplier, Evolution Gaming, its quality is simply impeccable.

In addition, you need to realize that every single number in Lightning Roulette is produced by a Random Number Generator, which implies that it is extremely sheltered to put down high wagers here since the game's result is absolutely random. Also, if your fortunate numbers coordinate and your wager wins, you can have your rewards duplicated from 50x to 500x, which is certainly a great deal of cash. This is the biggest motivation behind why Lightning Roulette is certainly the best game for high rollers.

Those who want to get the experience of Las Vegas at home can choose to try out the live online casinos. There are several reasons why live online casinos are the most popular category. The fantastic experience of playing with a live vendor will give you similar experiences of playing in a typical brick and mortar casino.

Besides, each round in this category allows you to win a fortune. Obviously, there is an additional hazard for the whales to lose a great deal of cash. However, there is a very astute and practical saying, “Nothing wandered, nothing picked up.” You may lose a thousand, yet in the end, also end up winning a million.

Playing with a live dealer is genuinely a definitive encounter for high rollers since the vendors are exceptionally energetic to give you the best administration. It is truly amazing that VIP tables are normally accessible especially for high rollers, which implies that you can sit at the same table with different expert and confident players.

Obviously, the wagers should be pretty high at such tables, which indicates that if there should be an occurrence of your triumph, you will get an unfathomable total of cash. You will also appreciate betting with other enormous players since the vast majority of them should be very experienced, much the same as you are.

Bottom Line

As it should be obvious, being a high roller is truly amazing since it stipends you a wide scope of various rewards and benefits on the betting site. To wind up one, all you need is some cash and some free time to put them into betting. As you make enormous deposits, bet regularly, put down high wagers, and remain faithful to the casino, every one of your endeavours will be noticed by the casino and you will be offered the VIP enrollment just as all conceivable high roller’s advantages.

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