What is a Casino Online Cash-Back?

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CASINO ONLINE CASH-BACKIf you have been playing at online casinos, you may already have heard of ‘cash-backs’. You may have already received some yourself without really knowing all the things it entails.

In the simplest terms, a cash back is basically a rebate. It is a partial refund of the money you’ve spent at the casino, usually given back during bonus offers, promotions and other special occasions. Balancing the frequency and amount of these cashbacks is important to a Casino, as having too little cash back might cause customers to look for other online casinos that have more generous terms while having too much would cause them to start bleeding profits.

Conditions for a Cash Back

Most casinos usually impose particular conditions on a player that they must meet before they can be eligible for a cash back. You should always take the time to read terms and conditions, as they will inform you if you are eligible for cash backs, and how much.

The most common type of cash back is basically a percentage amount of your deposit. When you fulfil the conditions of the cash back, you can withdraw your money.

Withdrawing Cash Backs

The withdrawal process of cash backs can vary a little. If the cash back is a bonus added to your deposit, then it may be added immediately. For other cash backs, such as on losses and on total bets, you may have to wait a week or month in order for your total losses and bets to be accumulated. Once the casino has calculated it, they will credit the cash back to your account.

When Can You Get Cash Backs?

casino online cash backMost of the time, Cash backs are available only during special deals, offers or promotions. Most casinos include cash backs as bonuses. However, bonuses work a little differently. When you take advantage of a bonus, you get extra money to wager and play with. Once you finish playing, you can withdraw your winnings and your original deposit, but not the extra bonus money.

There are several kinds of bonuses, such as Reload Bonuses and Welcome Bonuses.

Reload bonuses are bonuses given to regular and veteran players, rewarding them for their loyalty. A reload bonus is usually a cash back offer placed on a deposit made by the player. As mentioned earlier, these bonuses could be based on a specific game or time period.

An example of a reload bonus would be a Casino offering customers 10% bonus up to $100 on all deposits made within a week. So, if you deposit $300, you will get a bonus of $30. After you have deposited a total amount of $1000 and gotten a $100 bonus in cash back, you will stop receiving any more cashback.

Bonuses can be a great way of getting new players onboard. A welcome bonus is a bonus applied to the very first deposit made by a player. Usually, the terms of the welcome bonus are a lot more generous than those of Reload bonuses.

A welcome bonus can be very high, offering up to 300% or 400% of your initial deposit. The limit is also much higher, in order to accommodate this high bonus percentage. For instance, with a 400$ bonus and a limit of $400, you can reach the maximum with only a small deposit of $100.

Some Casinos have comprehensive Welcome Packages, offering welcome bonuses on the second, third and fourth or more deposits. Generally, the bonus rate will decrease with each subsequent welcome bonus. However, they are still extremely lucrative and will give you lots of cash back.

Other Bonuses

Two other common types of cash backs are Cash Back on Losses, and Cash Back on Total Bets.

Nobody enjoys losing. Unfortunately, a Casino is a competitive environment and players will compete with the computer or against other players in order to earn money. In such a case, there will be some players who lose. Therefore, online casinos take steps to ensure people get some of their money back despite losing.

Cash backs on loss have terms similar to cask backs on bonuses, though usually the maximum amount is fairly low. For instance, one cash back on loss offer could be 25% of losses made during the month, up to a maximum of $200. This means that if a player loses $100 over the month, they could get $25 back.

There could be other conditions, such as cash backs on losses being available only to VIP Players, or only being available for a particular game. At some online casinos, there is also a minimum amount that players have to lose before they are eligible for a cash back.

Another type of cash back is on total bets. As the name states, this is essentially the casino refunding you a portion of the bets you make, regardless of whether you won or lost. This is one of the most lucrative cash backs for players since you get some of your deposit back either way. The rates can range from 10% to 25%.

Usually, cash back on total bets are restricted to particular games, such as only video slots, or only a specific slot game that is currently being promoted.


Cash Back bonuses and offers are one of the best ways for great online casinos to set themselves apart. Cash backs encourage new players and veteran players alike to spend money at their casino, providing them with a less risky, more enjoyable and more profitable experience.