Guide to Loyalty Programs

Loyalty ProgramsJust like you can be loyal to one brand, company or airline, you can be loyal to an online casino.

Loyalty to a casino provides you with many benefits, that range from simple promotions to priority passes and all sorts of special attention.

For regular online casino players, loyalty rewards are extremely useful as they allow them to play and enjoy themselves even more.

What are Loyalty Programs about?

Consider an airline. If you regularly, fly, most airlines will offer you ‘Flyer Miles’. The more you fly, the more flyer miles you get. These flyer miles accumulate over time and can be used to get a variety of rewards.

For instance, you can get upgrades to business or first class by using flyer miles, or access to VIP Lounges at airports, or discounts on flights, and so on.

These bonuses all take some times to reach, so you’re encouraged to use the same airline to fly repeatedly in order to reach them. Once you do, further bonuses encourage you to keep using the airline.

This way, an airline encourages you to consistently fly with them rather than flying with whichever airline gives you the cheapest offer at a time.

It’s a similar case with online casinos. Rather than letting their customers jump around various online casinos looking for the best bonuses and promotions, an online Casino uses loyalty programs to encourage their customers to stick with them.

Levels of Loyalty Schemes

levels of Loyalty at a casinoThere are usually several different levels of Loyalty at a casino. Some casinos will simply let their players accumulate a number of Loyalty points that can be turned into rewards, while others will provide rewards based on a ‘tier’ of loyalty the player has reached.

Usually a customer will have to keep playing regularly in order to stay in a tier. If they don’t earn a specific amount of loyalty points in a given time (usually a month), they will drop in tier and lose access to the bigger bonuses.

The requirements vary from casino to casino. Some casinos are relaxed about loyalty tiers and will let you stay at a particular tier easily, while others will require you to dedicate a lot of time and money to reaching higher tiers.

In addition to Loyalty, online casinos can have a VIP club. Some casinos combine loyalty schemes with VIP clubs, inviting the most active and loyal members on an individual basis, while others simply have the VIP club as an additional option. In the latter, you can pay a monthly fee to become a member of the VIP Club

VIP Clubs

When an online casino wants to show the ultimate appreciation for their most dedicated customers, they invite those customers into the VIP club. Usually, VIP clubs offer similar benefits and bonuses as loyalty programs in general. However, there are some key differences.

Membership in the VIP club is usually not dependent on earning loyalty points or something. Invites are either given out directly to highly active and dedicated members or it may be dependent on paying a monthly fee. VIP Clubs are generally a more exclusive form of Loyalty

There may be several different tiers in VIP clubs as well, such as Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, et cetera. The names can, of course, vary depending on the theme of the casino.

Earning Loyalty Points

Earning Loyalty PointsAt most online casinos, earning Loyalty points is a very straightforward matter. The casino will give you a number of loyalty points whenever you play a game or make a wager. For instance, you might get 10 loyalty points for every $100 you wager.

This means that in order to accumulate loyalty points, you need to spend a great deal of money at the casino. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, since you’re already planning to spend money for entertainment and the chance of a profit. Loyalty points are simply an additional bonus.

The actual amount of loyalty points you earn varies from casino to casino. You should always read the terms and conditions to find out the requirements for earning loyalty points.

These conditions can include details on how you get loyalty points, how much money you need to spend, and any other requirements you must fulfil first.

Sometimes, casinos might hold promotions that give bonuses to loyalty point earnings. This could simply be an increase in loyalty points earned for a period of time such as a day or a weekend, or it could be something like increased loyalty points when playing a particular game that is being promoted. Be sure to keep an eye out for these types of promotions, which make it a lot easier to gain loyalty rewards.

Other times when loyalty point income might be boosted includes Welcome Bonuses and VIP Rewards. Giving a lot of loyalty points to a new player can help encourage them to stay with the casino and earn more.

Giving extra loyalty points to VIP members also shows appreciation for them and encourages other players to strive for VIP status.

Gaining enough loyalty points to reach upper tiers is not an easy task. Don’t expect to shoot up tiers overnight. Some casinos might require tens or hundreds of thousands of loyalty points to reach the upper tiers of loyalty.

This translates to thousands of dollars in real life, meaning only the most dedicated players can achieve them.

Fortunately, it is usually easier to reach the lower levels of loyalty such as Bronze or Silver. You may still need to dedicate a few weeks and a few hundred dollars to one casino before you reach these levels. However, it is perfectly attainable for the average customer.

Perks of being a Loyal Member

Being a Loyal or VIP member comes with a lot of different perks. These perks include exclusive cash bonuses, free spins and exclusive promotional offers. These are the basic bonuses you can start earning at any loyalty tier.

At higher tiers of loyalty, more perks are handed out. Someone at a middle-tier, such as ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’, can get special treatment. This can range from free tournament tickets to personalized rewards such as special bonuses and gifts on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

Members at the highest tiers of the loyalty programs, or VIP members, get even more perks. As they are spending and earning huge amounts, the casino may remove any deposit and withdrawal limits.

They may provide high rates of cash back. In order to help them manage their finances and their account at the casino, VIP members may get a personal Account Manager. This account manager will arrange wagers, deposits and withdrawals on their behalf, saving them the trouble of having to worry about their money.

VIP members may also get exclusive VIP offers. These are promotions limited to just VIP members. Generally, these promotions will give out extravagant bonuses with extremely lucrative profits.

Finally, VIP members may get invited to special VIP events. These invitations can be to dinners at high-end restaurants, cruises and trips, VIP seating at Sports Events, and so on.


Becoming a VIP at an online casino can be an extremely lucrative affair. However, the road to getting there can be long and hard. This is the concept of loyalty in online casino gaming. By dedicating yourself to playing at only one or two casinos and spending most of your gaming money on them, you show your loyalty to the casino.

Therefore, the casino returns your loyalty by providing you with bonuses that encourage you to spend more and earn more, further increasing both the amount of profit you make and the loyalty points you earn. This repeats in a cycle, helping players work towards earning the ultimate rewards as a VIP member.