A Guide to Online High Roller Casinos Bonus

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The lucrative world of gambling has seen a brand new era since online casinos started being operational. People are now able to put money on their favorite online casinos remotely. However, some features of casinos will never go out of style such as a High Roller.

All About High Roller

A high Roller is a VIP Player is a casino player who puts a lot of money regularly in casinos. Once a player becomes a high roller, he/she starts getting extra features due to his VIP Player status. Online casinos have adopted this feature from live casinos but the lowest amount of money that is needed to get this status is much lower when it comes to online casinos compared to walk-in casinos.

To become a high roller at a live casino, a player has to wager at least $20000 in each session whereas a single game of $1000 might get you the VIP status at online casinos. High rollers get access to numerous exclusive programs and are much more entertained than normal players.

A High Roller is a giant whale who can make the casino lose or win a lot of money. Since a high roller bets on a huge load of money, the casino’s revenue depends a lot on high roller gamblers.

High Roller Programs OnlineHigh Roller Programs Online

There are live high stake casinos which are designed specifically for high rollers. Casinos identify high rollers as their prioritized clients. They understand that high rollers gamble with huge sums of money and time to get themselves acknowledged. For this reason, they introduce numerous high roller programs for their VIP clients.

In walk-in live casinos, high rollers get all sort of luxurious features available like free drinks and accommodations, a personal assistant who will help with anything the roller wants. But no such type of physical reward is possible to provide at online casinos, that’s why they offer prizes in cash and other similar benefits to their high rollers.

What do the online casinos offer to VIP players?

Once a player makes it to the VIP lounge, a whole set of rewards would be waiting for him which includes:

  • No limits in deposit and withdrawal
  • An assigned personal host
  • Dedicated games
  • Invitations to glorious events
  • Bonus prizes.

High Roller Casinos BonusNo limits in deposit and withdrawal

Usually, online gamblers are not allowed to deposit or withdraw money as much as they want. The casino site fixes an amount for the players and they have to follow it. But high rollers face no such limitations and can deposit and withdraw any amount of money they want. They are often appointed personal hosts who will suggest them the best way to withdraw money so that the client has to pay the minimal fees.

Assigned Personal Host

High-valued casino sites provide a personal assistant or host to the VIP clients of their company. An assigned personal host is dedicated to the VIP client and will answer any sort of queries he will have. No matter what time it is, whenever the high roller will face a problem, their assigned host will assist them through the ordeal. Hosts will also help the clients avail luxurious services like getting air tickets, hiring a limo, etc.

Dedicated Exclusive Games

Since high rollers are loyal players to a casino site, the casino often expresses their gratitude through offering their high rollers exclusive dedicated games which other players are not allowed to play. These games are only available to VIP players because of the time and money they used in gambling.

Invitations to glorious events

The casinos will also provide tickets of grand events to their high rollers as rewards. These tickets are usually very expensive or hard to get. Casinos provide these tickets to their loyal VIP players as an incentive to stay with them longer.

Bonus Prizes

Online gamblers are aware of the fact that online casinos want their players to be active for a long time. That’s why they come up with numerous ideas to keep their players active. They offer bonuses on the money players’ deposit. The more deposit a player makes, the more bonus he gets. For example, if the casino offers a 30% bonus on deposits, then a roller will have $130 to play with once he makes a deposit of $100. Online casinos offer this type of rewards to their VIP players regularly to keep them active in the game.

They sometimes increase the amount of bonus for high rollers as well. For instance, in lieu of getting 30% on each $100 deposit, a high roller will get 100% bonus once he or she makes a deposit of at least $2000 which means they’ll have $4000 to play with instead of $2000.

How to be a High Stake Roller?

There are VIP programs at both normal casinos and dedicated high stake casinos. The latter usually demands more money as minimum wagering amount than the first, but on the bright side also offers many lucrative rewards than a normal online casino. Online casinos have dedicated high stake games that offer the most amazing prizes. The keys to being a high roller at a high stake game are frequency and money.

The most crucial factor at a high stake online casino is how much money you wager on a single session. The player has to keep in mind that betting a couple of thousand dollars once in a blue moon will never get the VIP status. Frequency is an important factor in high stake online casino. They’ll notice how much money you wage and also how often you play.

Are there any online casinos dedicated to High Rollers only?

Plenty of live casinos could be found which are designed specifically for high stake players. To get access to their programs, you need to consistently wager a lot of money. But online casinos do their business mostly with people who put in less amounts of money. Players who play at online casinos are mostly people who can spend money at an average amount. That’s why there are no online casinos dedicated to high rollers only.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t get a lot of high stake games at online casinos as well. When you become a high roller, you’ll have access to the exclusive games that other players will not have. A player needs to spend much less amount of money at online casinos to be a high roller than live casinos. It makes the process of being a VIP player at online casinos easier.

While choosing an online casino, you need to look for some special features. Make sure the casino is a highly recommended one and has various established VIP programs offered.

Some Tips:

  • Exclusive high stake rollers don’t need to pay transaction fees.
  • High stake bonus offers can be up to $10,000.
  • Among the VIP games, traditional table games are the most popular.
  • Loyalty programs of VIP status will earn you holiday treats and many more.
  • It’s much more difficult to be a high stake roller at a live casino than at an online casino.


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